On-Call Driver-CDL & Bilingual Spanish-English required

Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio
Job Description
Location: West St. Paul, MN

This on-call, part-time position is responsible for providing  safe, effective transportation services to elders or other clients and staff of the Aging Well Services Program while on duty.  The On-Call Driver/Transportation Coordinator will work directly with the staff of Aging Well Services Program and report directly to the Manager of Aging Well Services.

Schedule: On-call shifts vary within 6:30am-3:30pm Mon-Fri (morning &/or afternoon routes as needed)
Salary/Pay: Commensurate with experience and qualifications.
  • Promote the mission, operating values, and agency services of CLUES within the community.
  • Provide Latino and other elder clients or staff with safe and reliable transportation from door to door while creating a welcoming and customer-service oriented environment for clients.
  • Coordinate and schedule rides with clients. Work directly with elders, caregivers, and Aging Well Services staff to coordinate elder transportation to appointments, errands, outings, etc.
  • Must keep current valid commercial drivers license and valid medical examiners certificate (with medical waiver, if applicable) on his/her person while driving. Must keep copy of valid automobile insurance in vehicle while operating.
  • Must successfully complete and produce proof of all training as required by CLUES, MnDOT and Special Transportation Service (STS) standards (list may be subject to change):
  • Initial Training Required: Initial Passenger Assistance, First Aid Training, Passenger Abuse Prevention, Defensive Driving, Operating Radio/Cell Phone, Operating Ramp/Lift, Emergency Procedures, Fire Extinguisher Training, and Daily Vehicle Inspection.
  • Training Required Every 3 Years: First Aid Refresher Course (4 hours); Defensive Driving        (2 hours), Passenger Assistance & Abuse Prevention (2 hours), and Continuing Education (7 hours).
  • Must maintain accurate transportation logs and/or trip reports and documents which can be used to verify trips (may include fuel receipts, work orders, etc.). Must complete all reporting and documentation requirements accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Must maintain vehicle(s) by performing safety checks, routine maintenance, having repairs completed and keeping the vehicle clean per CLUES, MnDOT and Special Transportation Service (STS) standards.
  • Must perform daily vehicle inspections, 1000 miles or one week (whichever comes first) vehicle inspections, and arrange for annual inspection.
  • Must maintain records of all inspections, maintenance and repairs, including parts and dates completed, in orderly fashion on-site.
  • Participate as a member of the team, within the Aging Well Services Program as well as with CLUES staff as a whole to deliver services to clients and carry out other agency efforts.
  • Cultivate positive professional working relationships with service collaborators, identified senior service providers, referral sources, and other appropriate stakeholders.
  • Carry out all other duties as assigned by supervisor.
Education, Experience & Key Abilities
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • 3-5 years experience as a commercial driver (driver-for-hire) preferred.
  • Must be at least 25 years old (per insurance requirements for drivers).
  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Required– Must have a valid Class B commercial driver’s license and be STS Passenger Certified or obtain STS Passenger Certification within first month of employment. Must have valid drivers license in effect for at least 3 years (per insurance requirements).
  • Must meet Commercial Driver Qualifications according to Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT):
    • Able to operate assigned Commercial Motor Vehicle safely
    • Is medically certified as physically qualified to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle. Must have current, valid proof of medical certification performed by a medical examiner that is listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (https://nationalregistry.fmcsa.dot.gov ). If applicable, must also present copy of a skills performance evaluation certificate or MnDOT medical waiver.
    • Valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) of appropriate class (Class B required in this case).
    • Must pass a driver’s road test or equivalent (driver’s CDL may be accepted as equivalent to a driver’s road test; however, CLUES reserves right to require road test).
    • Is not disqualified to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle under the FMCSR’s (Federal  Motor Carrier Safety Regulations).
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English and cultural competency required.
  • Effective communication in Spanish and English, both verbally and in writing, required.
  • Proficient working knowledge of email software, the Internet, databases, and common Windows-based programs, including Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint required.
  • Must have a motor vehicle for independent transportation, valid driver’s license, proof of automotive insurance, and maintain a good driving record. Must have a valid class B driver’s license, and be STS Passenger Certified or obtain certification in first month of employment.
  • Once employed, must submit to and pass regular criminal and/or DHS background checks and driving record checks as a requirement to remain employed in position (required at least annually and may be required on request at any interval) and comply with any other requirements under CLUES Automobile and Transportation Policy.
  • Must report any and all moving violations or accidents immediately to supervisor and Human Resources while employed whether the accidents occur during or outside of work hours.

Background check
  • Must pass a criminal background check, MN BCA background check, DHS background study, driving record check, and MS-148A background check. These checks may be required to be renewed annually with a successful passing result to retain employment.
  • Once employed, must submit to and pass regular criminal and/or DHS background checks and driving record checks as a requirement to remain employed in position (required at least annually and may be required on request at any interval).
  • Must submit to and pass controlled substance and alcohol testing upon request (may be random or as specified in advance).
Physical Demands
  • Must be able to safely drive a bus and operate a lift/ramp for bus. Employee is required to drive and transport elders or other clients and staff to and from appointments throughout the metropolitan area multiple times a day on a daily basis by driving/operating a bus or other motor vehicle.
  • While on-site at CLUES, employee is generally working within standard Adult Day Center and/or office environment.
  • Must use a cell phone/telephone and computer on a regular basis.
Contact Information